How to Help

There are various ways to contribute to the fight against Ebola. Here’s a working list of various Liberian organizations and relief efforts to which you may consider donating.

Liberians Against Ebola – Liberians Against Ebola, Inc. (LAE, Inc.) was established by concerned Liberians and friends of Liberia across the diaspora for the purpose of supporting efforts to contain the spread of the deadly Ebola virus in Liberia.

U-FoundationU-Foundation is currently implementing an EBOLA awareness campaign throughout Liberia. Presently, over 1,884 houses have been visited, and over 18,000 people have been informed about the deadly disease. Social workers are trained and supplies are distributed to households around Liberia.

Feykena – Feykena is potentially a very effective platform for delivering learning to Liberian children during this prolonged school closure due to the deadly Ebola epidemic. They are currently raising funds to conduct a pilot in Liberia.

Africa Responds – Africa Responds aims to mobilize funds to support the work of community-rooted organizations in Ebola-affected regions of West Africa.

Kids Engagement Project – Schools in Liberia have been shut down for months because of the Ebola Virus Disease. To help combat the interruption of the educatio of children, Project-Kids Engagement provides children with educational kits for them to continue to be engaged in learning activities while schools are closed.